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Oklahoma couple allegedly concocts baby story to confuse cops



How would you hide allegedly stolen items from the cops? Maybe cover them with a tarp, bury them in the back yard, swallow them. You probably wouldn't leave them in a car with a baby hidden under a stroller. Yeah, what?

 According to an article on, a cop spotted a blue Toyota Corolla with two passengers inside hanging out in a north OKC neighborhood, but he said a female suspect bolted after he shined a spotlight on it. When he went to investigate, he noticed a male passenger had run off, too.

But here's where it gets interesting. When the cop checked with residents to get an idea of just what was going on, he learned that a woman was out in the neighborhood telling people her baby was kidnapped by someone in a "¦ wait for it "¦ a blue Toyota Corolla.

"I realized that the vehicle that I was out on matched the description," the officer reported.

Hmmm "¦ so who thinks the woman running from the car and the woman reporting a kidnapped baby in said car may be somehow connected?   

Police checked the car and found a 7-month-old baby hidden under a stroller. Why, exactly? Who knows, but the little girl had been alone in a car with the windows rolled down to the near-freezing night temperatures for about 15 minutes before the cops found her. 

Amy Anne Owen, 27, eventually admitted she had made up the kidnapping story because she didn't want to get caught, according to The Oke.

"Amy "¦ admitted that she and "¦ Cory Hall had been driving around neighborhoods where "¦ Hall was committing auto burglaries and going into people's house taking items," stated the affidavit, according to the story.

Owen was arrested on stolen property and child abandonment complaints. Hall, 22, of Yukon, was arrested just on stolen property complaints. The baby was turned over to her dad.

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