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Oklahoma couple faces puppy charges



Last week, prosecutors in Muskogee County charged two people with animal cruelty after allegedly killing a puppy and skinning the pooch. Why would anyone want to do that? Well in this case, it was to use the puppy's skin to make a belt.

According to a story on, local authorities said 26-year-old Austin Michael Mullins shot the 7-week-old Jack Russell terrier "Poplin" at a Muskogee park 10 times. Was the pup not dead after the first nine friggin' shots? Yes, go ahead and take the 10th shot, you can never be too sure about a 7-week-old puppy with nine bullets already in him.

The sheriff said 23-year-old Krystal Lynn Lewis then took the dead puppy and skinned it at her apartment. The duo nailed the skin to a board and intended to make a belt.

Disgusted? Enraged?

Lewis said she decided to kill the pooch because she couldn't afford to care for it, authorities said in the story, but they believe Lewis did the deed because the puppy was "a gift from a female ex-lover she doesn't get along with anymore."

A judge has ordered Lewis and Mullins take a mental competency test.

It seems they have already failed one kind of test.

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