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Oklahoma couple's motorcycle store's name chaps locals



A married biker couple in Medicine Park (near the Wichita Mountains, dear geographically challenged) are seeing success with their motorcycle shop despite gripes from local churchgoers, according to an article published in The Oklahoman.


After briefly considering opening a coffee shop/law office (a hybrid business popular in nearby cosmopolitan cities like Lawton, Fletcher and Meers), attorney Candace Morris and her one-time Army officer husband, Brian, decided to open the "Chaps My Ass" motorcycle shop in 2003, the Oke reported.


Since then, business has been brisk, and the couple had to upgrade from a 300-square-foot cabin/store to a much larger one.


The secret to their success? A large weekend biker population eager to snatch up leather accessories, 'do-rags and the shop's renowned "Chaps My Ass" T-shirt, the Oke reported.


Although the shop's sign chaffed local church folks, Candace Morris told the Oke the couple is happy the name has caught on.


Sensing a good business opportunity, CFN is making plans to open a competing shop in nearby Cache " so keep an eye out for "Thong in a Wad" T-shirts and motorcycle accessories on a biker near you.

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