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'Oklahoma education is not underfunded'



Kurt Hochenauer (Commentary, "At what price?") continues to spout the liberal talking points about Oklahoma not spending enough on education.  

Oklahoma ranks 14th nationally with regard to the amount of money spent on education as a ratio to personal income. Oklahoma education is not underfunded.

He complains about per-pupil spending and cites the Oklahoma State Department of Education figures that we spend $7,798 annually per pupil. The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, taking into account unadulterated figures, puts that figure at more than $10,000!

Per-pupil spending is a straw man anyway; not a barometer of quality education. New York, New Jersey and the District of Columbia all spend more per pupil than another area in the nation and perennially turn out the worst students.

Why do you afford this cardigan-clad twit ink?
"Tom Furlong
Oklahoma City

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