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Oklahoma family hunting for mushrooms finds human remains



Aah, springtime, when flowers are blooming, breezes gently flutter the leaves of trees, and sunlight caresses the earth. When April showers bring "¦ morel mushrooms, and intrepid 'shroom hunters on a quest for the flavorful fungus.

Never mind that the tan to dark-brown morel features a deeply pitted, cone-shaped cap that resembles a shriveled " well, something gross. It, apparently, tastes divine: "The morel is widely applauded by gourmets, who savor its smoky, earthy, nutty flavor," according to the culinary guide "Food Lover's Companion."

But, what does it know? In Pottawatomie County, a family of morel hunters recently stumbled across a bit more earthiness than they must have counted on: rather than the brain-resembling delicacy, a human skull, complete with teeth.

According to the Ada Evening News, the county sheriff's department investigated the area, just southeast of Tecumseh, earlier this month after the grisly find. The remains " which included other bones, too " have been shipped to the state medical examiner's office for forensic identification, via DNA tests and dental records. A missing persons case review is in the works, as well.

The Evening News noted Chief Deputy Jim Patten "would not elaborate on whether or not anything but bones were found at the scene."

We at CFN can only assume that "anything but bones" meant 'shrooms. After all, per the "Companion," "The marvelous flavor of the morel needs little embellishment."

Point taken. Note to Patten: Don't eat the mushrooms.

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