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Oklahoma filing mistakes make for board games



Virgil Lee Wallace Sr. decided to run for a spot on the Tulsa school board. He filed as a candidate before the deadline to run in District 2, against incumbent Oma Jean Copeland.

One problem, however, according to a report in the Tulsa World: He had meant to file in District 3. Wallace was only off by one district, but that was one district too many and one filing period too late to switch, according to Patricia Bryant, secretary of the Tulsa County Election Board.

"He wanted us to switch him over to the other district, but we couldn't because it was after the filing period."

 Copeland contested Wallace's spot on the District 2 ballot and, consequently, the election board removed his name at a hearing. That leaves Wallace minus one school board position and the two incumbents " Wallace had meant to run against Lana Turner-Addison " without opponents in the upcoming election.

In other fun board news, longtime Sand Springs Board President Lotsee Spradling withdrew as a candidate for re-election. Spradling said she only filed so as not to leave the position open or make it easy for someone "narrow-minded" to take over the spot she'd held for 15 years, according to the World.

When Troy Compton filed to run against her, however, she gave her opponent the once-over, deemed him good enough to follow in her footsteps and withdrew from the race. 

"I'm old. I'm a dinosaur," Spradling said. "We have so many young folks " it's their time."

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