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Oklahoma governor vetoes abortion measure



Governor Brad Henry today vetoed a measure that would have restricted abortions in Oklahoma, citing that the measure did not provide exceptions for instances of rape and incest, stating it would have placed severe restrictions on the doctor-patient relationship.


"First and foremost, the measure is flawed in that it does not include exemptions for cases of incest and rape. That means many victims of rape or incest would have no option but to carry a fetus to term, no matter how horrific and violent the circumstances," Henry said in a statement. "In addition, I share the concerns of a majority of medical experts who believe this bill would severely compromise health care in our state by placing undue restrictions on the sacred relationship between doctor and patient."


Following Henry's veto of the measure, Speaker Lance Cargill wrote that the Democratic governor's act was against what the Republican-led House believes are the values of a majority of Oklahomans.


"But we can take heart in the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court's decision is a victory for efforts to protect the unborn. The idea that taxpayer dollars could be used to perform abortions is terrible," Cargill said. "Most Oklahomans oppose it and I am very disappointed that our governor supports it."- Ben Fenwick

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