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Oklahoma governor's state of state address channels Chevy Chase



For those who attended the governor's State of the State address to the Legislature last week, for a brief moment it seemed like an old "Saturday Night Live" skit. For those who are old enough to remember, the brief moment conjured up the first year of "SNL" and funny newsman Chevy Chase.


After Gov. Brad Henry made his way through the House of Representatives floor and up to the podium to deliver his annual message about a forward-moving state and remind everyone to whom he is married, the hundreds who gathered for the event prepared for deep meditation. Henry was ready, but first the invocation. And the-not-so-ready-for-legislative-time player was the Rev. Tim Woods of Edmond.


A strapping young reverend of a lad, Woods clearly had anticipated his moment of glory with a well-thought-out passage he crafted just for the occasion. Heads were bowed, eyes were closed and lips were sealed as Woods began his prayer: "Dear Lord, who art thou God, and we are not."


Uh "¦ what? Did the holy man just pull a Chevy Chase on us? The opening line put the press gallery in stitches. Simultaneously, the opening season of "SNL" sprang up from its 1975 birth year, and the image of "Weekend Update" and anchor Chase popped into journalistic minds. Chase was prone to begin his newscast with "Good evening, I'm Chevy Chase, and you're not."


Could the reverend be an early fan of the show? No " he barely looked 20 years old. Whatever the case, it was a nice lighthearted moment to spruce up the event before pillows were brought out for the keynote speech.

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