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Oklahoma House of Representatives send symbolic message to Obama



After lounging near the beach on extended (and indefinite) holidays on the beautiful island of Cuba, residents of Guantanamo Bay have been told by the good people of the Oklahoma House of Representatives that they will have to find another destination for their travel plans.

In a nonbinding resolution passed Feb. 12, 81 House members basically told the detainees, "You don't have to stay in Gitmo, but we don't want you here."

Of course, seeing as the resolution was nonbinding, it was more a not-so-subtle hint toward President Obama than anything else. It's kind of like the time Bucky the intern passed a nonbinding resolution banning Tuesdays " lots of pomp and circumstance, but really no effect.

The resolution was authored by Reps. Fred Jordan, R-Jenks, Mike Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City, and T.W. Shannon, R-Lawton, and specifically lists three Oklahoma sites where the detainees are not welcome. Rep. Rex Duncan, R-Sand Springs, said he hoped those who voted against the bill would be defeated in their next elections, according to a story in The Oklahoman, and called the resolution "the most biggest, no-brainer bill" of the session.

House Speaker Chris Benge, R-Tulsa, threw his commenting hat into the ring, too, saying "Oklahomans are definitely against bringing terrorists to Oklahoma." Really? Glad the pro-terrorist movement isn't gaining some steam.

Is it entirely fair to call the detainees full-blown "terrorists," seeing as the majority of them were never charged with any crimes? Or is the term "terrorist suspects" more accurate? But, we here at CFN have no doubt they enjoyed their stay at Club Gitmo, what with the exhilarating freedom from the style-cramping Geneva Conventions.        

The underlying question behind the House's resolution is a valid one: What do we do with the hundreds of men rounded up and dumped into a purgatory-like holding cell where, if they weren't one of the bad guys going in, they could be now after years of Gitmo hospitality?

But, that's not a question to answer in CFN. Hell, we had to explain to Bucky that Gitmo wasn't the new character on "Sesame Street" and the Geneva Convention wasn't the hot discussion panel at last year's Comic Con.   

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