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Oklahoma House Speaker's Ball goes MTV



This year's Speaker's Ball, an event sponsored by the speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, had that little touch of MTV, according to a recent story in the Tulsa World.


According to the story, the evening had the usual dinner, band and evening dance " this is a ball, ya know. However, the story states, the vendor providing the band apparently offered to bring along some dancers to kick out the jams for their straitlaced, wallflower Republican brothers and sisters in the audience.


The story says that House Speaker Lance Cargill and his wife, Amber, did the traditional first dance, then invited others to join them. That's when the chicks took to the stage.


Wearing short, red miniskirts and tight tops, as the story describes, the girls started a boom-boom routine on the four corners of the stage, apparently leaving attendees agog in wonder.


"My gosh, what kind of Republicans you got here?" the story quotes a Texan exclaiming to Rep. Lucky Lamons, D-Tulsa.

"I was taken aback," said Rep. Kris Steele, R-Shawnee. The story states that "he didn't stare but was able to discern that they were 'fully clothed.'" (Yeah, but did he inhale?)


The story says that Cargill dismissed the dancers quickly, as if they were questions about 100 Ideas funding. He signaled his aides to get the women off the stage, said a lawmaker who was at the event, according to the story.


When he was leaving, Lamons said he ran into Cargill, according to the story. Cargill expressed to him surprise about the dancers and said he'd asked them to go.


"He asked me what I thought of the strippers," Lamons said.

Minority House Leader Rep. Danny Morgan, D-Prague, denied in the story it was a Democrat plot.


"The Democrats didn't have a thing to do with this," he said.


The story said that more than 1,800 tickets sold " mainly compliments of lobbyists. And this time, red and white wines were provided at the tables, according to the story.

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