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Oklahoma house spokesman plans move to Oklahoma City University



CFN just can't help but shed a tear that one of our favorite foils, Oklahoma House spokesman Damon Gardenhire, is departing the palace, while the eunuchs remain behind to whisper rumors among themselves.


The Associated Press reported that Gardenhire will become the assistant dean for communications and marketing at Oklahoma City University Jan 1.


Through the uproar of "Pay to Play," the duels over House speakership, Hunnert Idears and other high-profile shenanigans, it was Gardenhire's guiding hand that steered House Republican leadership from media-thrown rocks " when they'd let him.


Now, there was the time that reporter Nick Winkler (alas! Another dear departed) quizzed closely Rep. Susan Winchester over a bill she "authored" but didn't write, and apparently had little idea of what it said. She became angry and defensive during the interview, at one point requesting, "Damon, help me out here!"


It was a good story for the Winkinator, and a great CFN. It became a catchphrase in the halls here at CFN: "Help me out here, Damon."


We call phrases like that "Damonisms."


In parting, CFN will be the loneliest turd in the punch bowl of Oklahoma journalism without having Gardenhire giving us the scoop.


Alas, we're doomed. Godspeed, Gardenhire.

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