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Oklahoma Labyrinths: A Path to Inner Peace - Gail Peck, Linda Yeingst and Phyllis Pennington



Hawks Publishing

Free your mind and the rest will follow. In increasing numbers, labyrinths are the sites to do just that.

Out of approximately 5,000 labyrinths worldwide, Oklahoma plays home to roughly 70 of them, which "Oklahoma Labyrinths: A Path to Inner Peace" covers in detail. They're not to be confused with mazes, which require strategy; labyrinths are all about following one path. It may twist and turn, but contains neither detours nor dead ends. "Labyrinths initiate life," write co-authors Gail Peck, Linda Yeingst and Phyllis Pennington. "Mazes mess with your mind."

Traveling a labyrinth "? typically outdoors, on stone or grass, but often replicated indoors by churches of all denominations "? is supposed to help bring oneself to a higher state of consciousness, provided one goes about it correctly. With a new year here to wipe the slate clean, now may be the time to take those steps. The book offers tips for doing so, after a few too many essays on purpose which ring redundant.

The most helpful section of the 300-page paperback is its entire second half, with a city-by-city directory of Sooner State labyrinths. Each contains an essay/quasi-review and a photograph. For those seeking enlightenment, Peck and company have put the directions right in your hands.

"?Rod Lott

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