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Oklahoma lawmakers pass measure to corral feral hogs by air



The state Legislature seems to be doing all it can in the name of Homeland Security, or maybe this has more to do with protecting the Oklahoma-Texas border (especially if our neighbors secede from the Union).

The state Senate has approved House Bill 2158, which gives Oklahomans the right to chase and hunt down feral hogs by the best means available known to man and Sarah Palin: helicopter. Yes, the bill actually says big game commercial hunting areas may hire a helicopter-riding sharpshooter to kill that ferocious beast, the feral hog, according to

During debate on the bill, Sen. Mike Schulz, R-Altus, reportedly said those pesky creatures can weigh hundreds of pounds and run in herds. Rep. Don Armes, R-Faxon, said the big stinkers are destroying crops and must be stopped.

So what better way than an "Apocalypse Now" method with helicopters charging over the landscape while a shooter sits in the saddle nailing scurrying hogs with his power rifle? Seems reasonable.

But let's examine the feral hog. They reside in an estimated 39 states, but their favorite state is Texas, which has about half of the country's feral hog population of 4 million. They are estimated to cause nearly $52 million in agriculture damage yearly in Texas.

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