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Oklahoma lawmakers seek to ban cell-phone talking



A sad day is possibly upon us, friends. A day when Oklahomans young and old will no longer have an excuse to blow through stop signs, run pedestrians off the road and change lanes without looking.

Apparently, Oklahoma state lawmakers are hoping to ban talking on cell phones while driving and it will undoubtedly " hang on a sec, just getting a call. Sorry about that, we have a habit of texting these in while driving.

Anyway, according to a recent story out of Tulsa on FOX23-TV, some lawmakers want Oklahoma to join other states around the country that have banned cell phone use while driving. Six other states, including the District of Columbia, ban cell phone use by drivers outright and another 17 restrict the use by drivers under 18.

At this point, all this talk of banning is only that " talk. But we all know where talk leads. It leads to action (possibly). And (possible) action leads to CFN no longer being able to get the dish on Bucky the intern's latest antics while careening up Broadway Extension toward happy hour.

If Oklahoma lawmakers want to really ban a flagrant misuse of cell phones, they should look into making it illegal " we're thinking a felony here " to talk on phones while using a public restroom. Seriously, folks, do you really need to speed dial No. 2 while going No. 1? Or vice versa?

Thankfully, there has been no chatter about banning texting or hands-free devices so we're at least still free to roam the streets talking loudly into our hidden earpieces while staring directly at random strangers. For now.

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