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Oklahoma legislative committee studies ATV road legalilty



The Oklahoma state Legislature is finally looking into something we here at Chicken-Fried News have long considered a matter of supreme importance: all-terrain vehicles on the roads.

Yes, friends, the time has finally come that ATV and Toyota Hilux may share the pavement. It brings a tear to our dusty, curmudgeonly eyes.

Citing fuel prices and convenience, state Rep. Joe Dorman, D-Rush Springs, told The Associated Press that a legislative committee is studying whether or not to make it legal for ATVs and side-by-side utility vehicles to head out on the highway. Or rather, to head out on the state and country roads (that doesn't have quite the same ring to it).

"Two-wheeled motorcycles are legal, so why not four-wheeled motorcycles?" Dorman said in a release. "That is essentially what we are talking about here. These vehicles can easily be made safe for the road."

Such modifications to ATVs and UTVs reportedly could include slapping on some mirrors, headlights and brake lights, adding turn signals and a license plate and gussying the whole thing up with some sexy highway-rated tires.

The study is being conducted by Dorman and fellow Rep. Wallace Collins, D-Norman. 

While they're at it, we suggest they also take a gander at a few other vehicles that have lived a life of shame kept off the classy paved roads and relegated to dirt tracks and muddy fields. The official CFN hovercraft comes to mind.

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