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Oklahoma legislators bring new meaning to phone tag



It seems like every year, the Okie legislators spur a fight. The recent one's a hootenanny.

In this corner, weighing in with a considerable amount of public backing from House Bill 1804, is Rep. Randy Terrill, R-Moore, apparently miffed at his "official English" bill getting the kibosh by the state Senate.

In the other corner, the challenger, Sen. Patrick Anderson, R-Enid.

According to The Associated Press, Anderson alleged that Terrill threatened him one day, saying, "I'll whip your ass."

Terrill denied trying to actually fight Anderson, but called the senator from Enid "cowardly" because he apparently forwarded all his phone calls to Terrill's office.

Why? Well, according to the story, Anderson alleged Terrill used automatically dialed phone calls " called "robocalls" " to phone-zap his office. Anderson, claiming the calls disrupted his office, just put his calls on forward to Terrill's office.

Terrill said the robocalls didn't come from him and explained that they actually were from a member of the organization U.S. English, founded in 1983 with the goal of making English the United States' official language.

Terrill said that one of the forwarded calls was from Anderson's wife (!), whom Terrill complained to about her husband's behavior.

As the bill died, so did the spat. In a follow-up story in The Enid News & Eagle, Terrill reported that Anderson sent flowers to Terrill's long-suffering assistant, Martha Perry, because of the burden that the phone calls placed on her. The two men shook hands and Terrill proclaimed, "In my opinion, the hatchet's been buried," saying sending the bouquet was "a nice and appropriate gesture."

"I also told him as far as I was concerned, we were good to go," Terrill said.

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