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Oklahoma Lottery seeks photogenic pups for game pieces



For the last few days of September, Okies can vie to get man's best scratchers on, well, lottery "scratchers." The Oklahoma Lottery is seeking the state's most "photogenic" pooches to feature on a "Lucky Dog Scratcher" game piece hitting streets in December.


Residents can submit a photo of their dog to through Sept. 30. In what sounds like quite the narrowing-down effort, a panel will review the entries and choose the 10 "most impressive dogs" to picture on the ticket, according to a release. It's free to enter, and winners will snag a $250 PetSmart gift card and $25 in scratchers.


Considering more than 1,000 entries reportedly have been received (almost 400 were posted online at the lottery's "Lucky Dog Gallery" site by press time), there's a 'lotto' competition (hardy har har). But, intrepid CFN intern Bucky is thinking there's a lot of leeway in what "impressive" and "photogenic" might mean.


A way-too close-up of Apollo the Great Dane, for instance, with his paw saluting the camera, still is giving Bucky the heebie-jeebies. Impressively creepy! Not to mention "Tucker Otwell," appropriately listed in the "other" breed category "¦ perhaps because of his unnerving, glowing, neon-blue eyes?


Bucky's rooting for the aptly named "CAT/DOG" entry, though, also firmly planted as an "other," but a little less "Star Wars"-esque. All right, so it's just a pup and an irritated feline sitting side by side, not a result of radiation poisoning, but kudos for creativity.

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