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Oklahoma man faces battle to house miniature horse



CFN seems to be all about the mini horse lately. First, we had the mini show horse with the prosthetic eye, now we have the saga of Dakota, a tiny equine in danger of being evicted.

Greg Copeland, of Broken Arrow, was cited in June for keeping a horse in the backyard of his home in the gated Wood Creek residential development, according to a story in the Tulsa World. But, Dakota the horse can hardly qualify as a behemoth " the little guy comes in at only 2 feet, 6 inches tall.

Some angry neighbors, however, were having none of it and filed a complaint citing a neighborhood covenant barring residents from keeping most domesticated animals, according to the World.

The horse, which was bought for Copeland's young son because he is allergic to cats and dogs, will have his day in court this February, according to the World. It'll be up to a jury to decide if Dakota qualifies as a "household pet."

Said Copeland of his backyard buddy, "He likes to run around back there, and we let him come in the house like a dog from time to time."

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