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Oklahoma man facing DUI charge allegedly arrives in court intoxicated



We have to hand it to James Matthew Lee " he certainly has dedication. The 31-year-old Afton man was charged with aggravated driving under the influence back in October, according to a story in the Tulsa World.

Now, we at CFN say, if you're going to go, go all the way. Which is just what Lee did. He showed up to court last week to face his drunken driving charge, well, drunk. According to Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton, he was tipsy to the tune of more than four times the legal limit. Yowsa!

Lee, not exactly fit to continue with the hearing, spent the next several hours at Claremore Regional Hospital, according to the story, and was clocked in with a blood-alcohol content of 0.33. Remember, Oklahoma's legal limit is 0.08.

"Certainly," Walton said, "we would all agree that when a guy can't suck it up enough to make his court appearance sober, then he's really got a problem."

After his hospital stint, Lee was booked on public intoxication. No word as to when his trial date was moved.

This isn't Lee's first ride at the rodeo. He was convicted of public intoxication in January and transporting an open container in August in Rogers County, according to the World. He was also convicted of assault and battery in January. And he was convicted of felony possession of drug paraphernalia in Tulsa County in 1996.

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