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Oklahoma medical professors extols virtues of gum



Gum. It's the new duct tape.


Per a recent research study published in Urology (yup!), chewing pieces of gum apparently helps people recovering from gastrointestinal surgery to be able to go more speedily "¦ to pot.


Researchers tracked 102 patients undergoing gastrointestinal surgery, giving half five pieces of gum to chew each day after their operation, according to a report in The Times of India. Those who chewed regained " no B.S. " their B.M. much more quickly than those without.


"Researchers theorized that chewing gum might have stimulated the smooth muscle (fibers) and secretion from the salivary glands and liver," the Times noted.


Makes you want to reach for some Juicy Fruit, doesn't it?


The study's gonna hit home for at least some lucky metro residents. Bradley Kropp, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center prof of pediatric urology, said he intends to give his own patients fresh from reconstructive surgery gum, according to the paper.


"In today's high-tech, molecular-driven scientific world, it is nice to come across an article that can be implemented immediately into our practices without increased health care cost," he said. "Just think how much a pack of gum would cost today had the pharmaceutical industry come across this information first."


Good thing said industry didn't google Reader's Digest. Last on its online 2006 list of "extraordinary uses" of (mint) chewing gum?: "Treat flatulence."


Bubble yum. -Gazette staff

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