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Oklahoma native creates tree house community in Costa Rica



Finca Bellavista, the world's first sustainable rain forest tree house community, was created by an Oklahoma native and her husband.

Finca Bellavista is located on the South Pacific coast of Costa Rica on 250 acres of primary and secondary rain forest, between two white-water rivers.

Protecting the environment is important to both Erica and Matt Hogan, who reside in Crested Butte, Colo. Therefore, the Hogans' vision for their community is that it will have as little human impact on the forest as possible.

"The community's central focus is to adapt and work in harmony with nature, rather than destroying it to make way for more trophy homes and golf courses," said Matt Hogan.

Thus, residents must follow certain guidelines:
" To minimize soil erosion, the tree houses must all be either stilt-built or arboreal.
" Hardly any motor vehicles will be allowed on the property.
" In order for residents to maneuver throughout the community, a zip-line system will be built, or people can use bicycles.

"People are excited about it," Erica Hogan said. "They're wanting to build something totally off the grid. It's interesting to see some things people come up with." "Krista Nightengale

Finca Bellavista

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