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Oklahoma newspaper informs it is illegal to warm up driverless vehicle



OK, here's a logic quiz. We hope you're ready. Say you want to warm your car up in the morning. You start the car " obviously, the keys are in the ignition " and you run back inside. Fine. But, if you don't lock those car doors, you could find a $126 ticket greeting you when come back to the car. That should help warm you up.

According to an article in a recent Sunday edition of The (Midwest City) Sun, it's illegal to leave a running car unlocked.

"They're leaving that vehicle open to be stolen," said Del City Police Department Capt. Jody Suit. He went on to say the law is in place for the citizen's safety.

He didn't give tips on how exactly a person is supposed to get back into a locked car with the keys inside. 

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