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Oklahoma officials misplace decimal on employee's bonus check



It's not every day that you get an $850,000 bonus in your paycheck, but that's the many-zeroed surprise that recently dropped into Jo Harris' lap, according to an Associated Press article.

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission employee was on the receiving end of a "longevity bonus" for staying with the commission for seven years. Seven years! That's all it takes to be the proud new parent of a cool $850,000? Chicken-Fried News is suddenly rethinking this whole "journalism" thing.

But, faster than you can say yachting vacation in St. Tropez, the tight-fisted officials at the commission realized they had misplaced a decimal in Harris' bonus and had doled out just a bit more than originally planned " three zeroes more than originally planned, in fact.

The typo was caught before any money left the state coffers, according to the AP story, and Harris was told to watch her bank account for any unexplained money. The $850,000-less-rich Harris said she'd keep an eye out for the money and let officials know if it appeared in her account.

"I don't go to jail for anybody," Harris said.

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