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Oklahoma ranked as sixth happiest state



We may be on the verge of an insect invasion, but at least we're chipper about it. Oklahomans have always been known to be happy people. It might help explain the state's high obesity rate (fat and happy "¦ get it?). And now, another survey has come out putting the state's joyfulness in a factual manor. has ranked all 50 states according to a happiness factor. Just like smoking, child deaths, divorce and tornadoes, the Sooner State ranks near the top. The survey declared Oklahoma the sixth happiest state in the union based on economic well being. Sure, we have taken a hit from the recession " or depression, depending on which economist is on CNN tonight " but compared to other states, Oklahoma isn't nearly as financially stressed out.     

Rankings were based on three key economic factors: average non-mortgage debt relative to average annual income, foreclosure numbers and unemployment rate. The need for tort reform was obviously not factored in.

"The Sooner State settled in with very middle-of-the-pack numbers on debt and foreclosure but also experiences relatively low unemployment," was the conclusion of as to why Oklahoma ranked so high.

But there are other factors that have put smiles on Oklahoman's faces. Sports-wise, it's been one of the best years in state history, with a Heisman Trophy winner (OU's Sam Bradford), the best college basketball player in the country (OU's Blake Griffin) and the success of the OU women's basketball team. Throw in in-state blogger The Pioneer Woman winning the award as the nation's best blog and a rock song no one over the age of 40 has heard proclaimed as the official rock 'n' roll song of the state, and why would anyone go around gloomy?

Sure, fires are ravaging homes and businesses. Sure, the state Legislature seems more concerned with speaking English than paying teacher salaries. Yes, our weathermen scare the hell out of us every time a rain cloud pops up in the Texas Panhandle, but chin up. There's a lottery drawing today.

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