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Oklahoma religious artifact makes Fox News Top 10 list



Fox News prides itself with being "fair and balanced." They report, you decide. This differs from Chicken-Fried News, which has the motto "they report, we regurgitate."

Take that into consideration with the latest Fox News report listing the top 10 "Unconventional Religious Artifacts." An Oklahoma item made it at the lucky seven slot, beating out a 400-year-old "Granite Jesus," the "Miraculous Melon" discovered in Senegal just before Ramadan and the Dallas-based "Virgin Mary in a Tree."

Which Oklahoma religious relic made the list? That would be the "Fish-Bone Jesus." This artifact was a fish bone reportedly bearing the image of Jesus. According a story by The Associated Press filed from Luther (just east of Edmond), an Oklahoma couple held onto the lucky item for a decade before deciding to sell it on eBay. The starting bid for this holy memento? The low, low price of only $29.95.

Now don't mistake this fish bone with the Jesus fish bumper stickers that are so prominent in Central Oklahoma. Those reportedly began appearing during the Eighties as a signal that drivers had a personal relationship with J.C., and we're not talking about the former Oklahoma quarterback.

In case you want to bone up on your religious artifact knowledge, the other six "Unconventional Religious Artifacts" reported by Fox News are (in order of rank): the "Virgin Mary on Rye," the "Nun Bun," the "Holy Cow," "Potato Salad Jesus," "Cooking-Pan Jesus" and "Fish-Stick Jesus."

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