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Oklahoma representative receives FAIR award



Randy Terrill's back in the news, getting an award from a nationally designated hate group. The hits just keep on comin'.

According to a recent press release from his staff, Terrill is a 2008 recipient of the Federation for American Immigration Reform's "We the People" Award. The intrepid Moore Republican traveled to Washington, D.C. where he was honored by FAIR for "exceptional service to the immigration reform movement."

What's funny is that FAIR itself was recently recognized as a leader in another certain movement. In December, the organization received a "hate group" designation from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a national civil rights law firm. According to the SPLC, FAIR got scads of dollars from the Pioneer Fund, a foundation that has been tied to eugenics, or the breeding of humans for desirable traits.

"(FAIR) accepted over a million dollars from a racist foundation, The Pioneer Fund," SPLC investigator Mark Potok said in a December Oklahoma Gazette story. "We document quite a lot more of the connections of their staff and key leaders to white supremacy and white supremacists. We talk about the racism in their political ads in various campaigns and races."

Why would Terrill want an award from FAIR? Well, they did help him write the anti-illegal-immigration law, House Bill 1804, he has said. And besides, he could use the favorable press.

Well, that's the way he sees it.

"The Federation for American Immigration Reform has been successfully holding the line in Washington by preventing amnesty for illegal aliens," said Terrill in his release. "House Bill 1804 has become a model not only for other states but for the nation as well. On behalf of the citizens of House District 53 and the taxpayers of the state of Oklahoma, it's an honor to be recognized for that work."

Terrill received his honor at a banquet held during FAIR's "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" rally, an annual event to protest illegal immigration.

CNN anchor Lou Dobbs and Dr. Rodney Hunt, founder of the Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement, were listed as other honorees.

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