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Oklahoma senator holds up veteran's health bill process



Good ol' Tom Coburn is at it again, blocking legislation and proving his nickname, "Dr. No" is deserved.

This time, he's holding up a $3.7 billion veterans' health care bill, according to the venerable Fox News. According to the story, he's been blocking the bill since May, citing his stance that there can't be legislation unless there are funds to pay for it.

"I'm not opposed to doing what we're doing for vets," Coburn said during a news conference. "I just want to make sure it's paid for."

"The American people and our veterans understand that our spending problem has become a national security problem. We are borrowing massive sums from potential adversaries and are watching the value of the dollar decline because other nations doubt our ability and willingness to pay off our $12 trillion debt. If we don't start making hard choices, we may not have a country left to defend."

So far, 13 major military and vet groups have banded together to attempt to force Coburn to release the bill.

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