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Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn graces pages of GQ



There are many magazines of which one would expect Oklahoma's irreverent Sen. Tom Coburn could fill the pages. The NewRepublic, Time, Newsweek or something local like Oklahoma Today would seem logical.


But check out the February issue of GQ. While the British cover boasts a salacious shot of pop diva Beyonce and the U.S. version entices readers with suggestive subheads, online is a rather lengthy (even by Oklahoma Gazette standards) feature story on the ultraconservative Okie senator. Bet this didn't come to mind.


Coburn certainly is known for his brash if not blundering statements concerning a movie about the Holocaust and gender preferences in southeastern Oklahoma. But a feature in a cosmopolitan fashion magazine? Intern Bucky had to check this out for himself.


It turns out GQ is known for more than just sexy cover photos of Hollywood stars "¦ but not much more. The magazine does delve into well-written news features. But what interest does GQ have in a senator from Muskogee? It's probably to poke fun at the many memorable moments Coburn has brought to American politics. Like that time he cried at a Senate confirmation hearing only moments after reportedly working a crossword puzzle. Oh, that was a good one.


But, after reading the story, Bucky came to this conclusion: GQ likes Coburn. Really likes him. While mentioning some of Coburn's infamous mouthy moments, the article mainly focuses on the senator's efforts to fight pork-barrel spending in Congress. It highlights Coburn's distaste for just about everything in Washington, D.C., and provides quite the insight into his life in the nation's capital unlike any other media has, including local.


There are some definite gems: "As a senior staffer in the Senate Republican leadership put it, 'You know he's nuts, right?'"


Coburn on being a senator: "Every Monday I wish I didn't have to go back."


For a man who probably is used to seeing exaggerated adjectives next to his name, the GQ article must be refreshing.

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