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Oklahoma sheriffs confiscate illegal bingo equipment



After an intense, two-month investigation, Altus police, along with the Jackson County Sheriff's office and the District Attorney's Drug Task Force, confiscated some equipment that allegedly was used illegally. What was this unspeakable incident? Well, a local bingo hall in Altus was raided, according to KSWO-TV in Lawton.

Grannies and pepaws everywhere are on alert after it was reported that an undercover agent infiltrated the group. (Chicken-Fried News wonders if they were a member of the Bingo Underground.) No word yet on whether the authorities have made headway on breaking up other alleged granny incidents: cheek-pinching, sweater-knitting, and embarrassing-picture-showing.

The officers, according to the story, confiscated eight computers, $5,000 (yes, $5,000!!!!!) and other equipment used in the bingo operation.

"There were actually computers "¦ and software programmed into those that allowed you to play a slot machine type game on that computer," District Attorney John Wampler told KSWO-TV.

Apparently the computers weren't hidden behind a locked door, and the bingo hall may not have known it was a no-no. The bingo hall wasn't shut down, and charges have not been filed, according to KSWO-TV.

"There are some other provisions dealing with distributors, and those people that would put these machines or supply these machines to the different establishments," Wampler told the station. "I'm not sure right offhand what the punishment is for that, but that's what the investigation is focusing on " is whether or not these are criminal activities that need to be dealt with."

Up next for the police squad? CFN suggests the dirty truth behind those early bird specials.

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