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Oklahoma stadium sells beer during U2 concert, but not athletic events



U2 fans were served boatloads of beer at the Oct. 18 concert at the University of Oklahoma, but Sooner fans looking for a brewski still haven't found what they're looking for inside Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.

OU gave vendors permission to sell beer during the special concerto, university spokesman Jay Doyle told The Oklahoma Daily.

"OU contracted with an outside licensed beverage vendor to sell beer at the U2 concert, and the OU Athletics Department is receiving a portion of the proceeds from those sales," Doyle said.

The Sooner faithful used to be issued "Pass Out Checks" during home football games, meaning fans could mosey over to O'Connell's Irish Pub & Grille for a half-time drink. But public re-entry is now a no-no at the OU stadium. According to OU, alcohol is strictly prohibited in public areas during Sooner athletic events.

Guess bouncing around a beach ball listening to Bono doesn't count, eh?

No brew during games but some firearms are allowed " technically " considering that the university permits the RUF/NEKS to blast their shotguns during games.

But that's tradition!

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