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Oklahoma State chapter smears egg on Greek system's face



It's been a tough 12 months for the public image of America's fraternities. First, "Borat" captured a trio of drunken University of Southern Carolina brothers to make racist and sexist comments on camera. Then, the documentary "Raw Deal" hit DVD (reviewed in last week's Oklahoma Gazette), showing in graphic detail the alleged rape of a stripper in a Delta Chi frat house in 1999.
And now those cowpokes in Stillwater smear more egg on the Greek system's collective face, with the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity earning itself a 15-year suspension from the Oklahoma State University campus for hazing.
According to an Oklahoman report, six members are under investigation for allegedly busting a pledge's butt with paddles so hard that muscle tissue was exposed. They face a $500 fine and a 90-day county jail sentence as punishment for their punishment.
Darryl R. Matthews, Alpha Phi Alpha's national president, commended the student for coming forward: "This is the type of young man who has the intestinal fortitude that makes a true Alpha man."
Intestinal fortitude, yes. Good seating posture, no.

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