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Oklahoma State vets treat runaway elephant



In an update from the elephant escapades we reported in CFN a few weeks ago, Kamba, the pachyderm that tussled with an SUV, headed to Oklahoma State University to treat her injuries, according to the Tulsa World.

If you remember, Kamba escaped the Enid circus she was performing in Nov. 4 and took a sojourn down U.S. Highway 81. She collided with an SUV being driven by Bill Carpenter and tore a hole in the hood of his vehicle with her tusk. Carpenter and his wife, Deena, were unharmed, but Kamba hurt her legs and was found cowering in some nearby bushes when local vet Dr. Dwight Olson arrived on the scene.

Olson, an OSU grad, referred the 29-year-old African elephant to OSU.

OSU's Dr. Cornelia Ketz-Riley, the school's director of Zoo, Exotics and Wildlife Medicine, determined Kamba didn't have any serious injuries and ordered her to get some stall rest.

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