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Oklahoma to corporations: We love you!



Credit: Brad Gregg

And as failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney taught us, “Corporations are people, my friend.”

According to The New York Times, the
Sooner State spends around $2.19 billion annually on corporate
incentive programs. That translates to $584 for every Oklahoman going
toward paying for business incentives — or 37 cents for every dollar in
the state’s budget.

You read that right: For every dollar the state has, more than one-third goes to your friendly neighborhood corporation.

of that next time you hear about meteor-sized craters in roads or
unqualified teachers in overcrowded classrooms, and get told those
things can’t be fixed because the state is flat broke.

Breaking those numbers down, NYT found
that $1.78 billion goes to the manufacturing industry; $154 million to
the oil, gas and mining industry; and $67.2 million to agriculture.

When Gov. Mary Fallin said during her campaign that the state was “open for business,” we had no idea she meant the state treasury.

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