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Oklahoma town hosts paranormal gathering



Tahlequah recently hosted paranormal investigators from all over the country who met to discuss the trade and its scientific and spiritual methodology, the Tahlequah Daily Press reported.


The Oklahoma Paranormal Research and Investigations sponsored the 2007 "Para-Float" last Friday and Saturday, presumably to discuss research techniques. CFN could not confirm any double-fisting of Coors Light or shotgunning of brewskies while floating down the Illinois River.


Although the investigators weren't there to conduct any new investigations, OKPRI founder Christy Selfridge told the Daily Press they have investigated historical places and some residential homes in the area.


The group uses special infrared sensors, wireless microphones and other high-tech gear to discover and document paranormal phenomenon, Selfridge explained, and has "extensive" recordings of "Electronic Voice Phenomenon" " or EVP "which is "dorkspeak" for the recorded sounds of ghosts and spirits.


The paranormal investigative services division of CFN has obtained copies of what we like to think could be EVP recorded during the Para-Float this year. The following is a transcript from one of the river spirits:


"Beccccky did youuu pack the winnnne cooolers? Why did youuuu put them in Jimmmm's raft? I thiiink I'mmmm getting sunburrrrned, will you hand meeee my tuuuube top?"

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