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Oklahoma town presents Harry-Potter-themed summer camp



You'll have to excuse this last, hurried CFN entry, as we're busy trying to recreate what we all looked like in elementary school. (Who knew Bucky had kept those MC Hammer pants?) The Sand Springs Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club is conducting a special summer camp for children that has us all feeling a little magical.

Sally's School of Mischief and Mayhem (courtesy of Mssrs. Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs) is a day camp with such lessons as potions, astronomy, charms, herbology and defense against the dark arts, according to a story in the Tulsa World.

Yes, as in that defense against the dark arts. Using the "Harry Potter" books as inspiration, the Salvation Army camp is keeping kids occupied. But, the muggle leaders stressed in the article, they're not really teaching potions and charms; the magical names stand in for classes like art, chemistry and even Bible study.

Although some total squib parents had some concerns, they were reportedly all appeased when they saw what the kids were learning. We're guessing a nice memory charm and a healthy dose of Felix Felicis helped, too.

The camp is open to kids ages 6 to 14, and kids can sign up by the week. Right now, according to the World, attendance is holding steady at about 60 witches and wizards a day, but camp leaders expect closer to 100 by mid-July. Well, we know of at least five new students who will be doing their best Hermione Granger impression in potions class "¦ just ignore the 5 o'clock shadow.

Sally's School of Mischief and Mayhem isn't just about classes, either, the kids are also sorted into houses " Phoenix, Centaur, Unicorn and Dragon (who wants to bet that Dragon gets the Bloody Baron as its house ghost?) " and play for a house cup.

They even get to play broomless quidditch. Seriously? That's it. We're headed to Sand Springs.

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