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Oklahoma Victory Dolls


The Oklahoma Victory Dolls - photo courtesy of Suzy Smith Photography
  • The Oklahoma Victory Dolls photo courtesy of Suzy Smith Photography

Oklahoma Victory Dolls All-Stars vs Duke City Derby Munecas Muertas 5:30 p.m. Saturday State Fair Park Centennial Building 3001 General Pershing Blvd. $10-$15

The Oklahoma Victory Dolls are more than bruisers on wheels; these women play to win on the philanthropic track, too.

The Oklahoma Victory Dolls were the youngest league ever to be accepted into the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) in 2008. The Victory Dolls now are ranked No. 37 in the WFTDA and first in the state. “You have to play to qualify, and you want to play teams that are ranked slightly higher than you so you can move up,” said Melissa Heying, public relations and marketing chairwoman for Oklahoma Victory Dolls. Heying also plays on the team as a blocker and occasional pivot. The goal of the game is to lap the other team’s players. As blocker, Heying prevents the opposing team from lapping hers by (almost) any means necessary. When she is tapped to pivot, it’s her turn to lap the other ladies. “I basically get to steal points,” she said. Injuries are more a rule than an exception. Heying mentions her “first broken bones” almost too breezily. For those who think that these ladies are weekend warriors, you’re wrong; Heying said she and her teammates train year-round. Their personal workouts include everything from running to weight training, CrossFit and anything else that keeps them in top shape for the season. There’s more than hardcore skating happening here — the team also gives back to the community. It’s a nonprofit, and home bout proceeds go to local charity, Heying said. This year’s charity is Neighborhood Services Organization. “We are always looking for ways to give back to the community,” Heying said. Saturday’s home bout is against the Duke City Derby Munecas Muertas from Albuquerque, N.M. They most recently defeated the No Coast Derby Girls of Lincoln, Neb. “We only had a 15 percent chance of winning, and we beat them by 77 points,” she said. That win bumped the women up in WFTDA rankings, which determine the team’s placement in the playoffs. “We have to beat Duke, and we have to beat them by a reasonable amount of points to be secure, so this game will determine where we end up in September,” Heying said.

Lingo: pack: Team-members on the track. bout: Game. jammer: The skater in the pack who can score points, usually ID’d by the star on her helmet. blocker: The skater in charge of blocking the opposing pack’s jammer and keeping her from passing; also helps her pack’s own jammer score. pivot: A blocker who stays at the front of the pack and regulates its speed. lapping: The action of making a full pass through the pack or making a full circle around the track. flat-track: A flat surface that can be used for skating.

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