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Oklahoma vies for viruses



Quick! What's the one thing missing that Oklahoma needs? You said "major pro sports team," didn't you? Well, the state is thinking more along the lines of "deadly disease research lab."


Oklahoma is one of a dozen of these United States vying to play host for a lab brimming with lethal viruses, from anthrax to bird flu, according to an Associated Press report.


The $450 million lab would be a part of the Department of Homeland Security, would employ approximately 300 people and could conceivably kill millions if some minimum-wage worker knocks over a cabinet while attempting to tie his shoe.


Landing the lab is one "coup" on which CFN hopes " prays? " Oklahoma loses out. (We never thought we'd say this, but "Go, Georgia!") If, however, we "win," we pray " yeah, pray " everyone the lab hires has opposable thumbs.

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