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Oklahoma woman plans to amp up preventative yard decorations



Sometimes here at CFN, we're tempted to just say, "Only in Oklahoma."

Take, for instance, the case of Stillwater resident Teresa McColley.

A year ago May, her dog was hit and she decided it was high time to slow traffic in the southwest Stillwater area in which she lives. Did she go to city hall? Police? Ah, you know she didn't!

She turned to Phoenicopterus ruber ruber: pink flamingos.

Since the flock of 54 birds (admittedly the retro, yard-art version) roosted in her yard, McColley has been a regular in the pages of the Stillwater NewsPress. Her frequently changing flamingo poses have featured the birds playing limbo, on trial " even lined up in helmets and uniforms à la the bedlam football game, when some miscreant pilfered them just before Christmas last year.

Now " with her flock back intact, thanks to donations from residents and local police (!) " she has a new idea: "I want to do an interactive scene with the birds and the community just to see how much the community is paying attention," she told the NewsPress at the end of June. As the paper put it, "She wants your talking fish."

"I would love anybody who has a Billy Bass to wrap up their (electric) cords and their base and put their names on them and bring them out for a couple of days and put them in the pond," she said.

Around said pond, McColley intends to place the flamingos, as if they are fishing. For the uninitiated into wildlife kitsch, Billy Basses are animatronic rubber fish, mounted on a plaque. When turned on, they gyrate and croon hits like "Don't Worry, Be Happy."

"Just for a couple of days, then (people can) come back and fetch their Billy Basses," McColley explained to the NewsPress. "Pink yard flamingos versus Billy Bass " who wins?"

Only in Oklahoma!

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