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Oklahomans offer 100 ideas



In the waning hours of a deadline to propose ideas on making Oklahoma a great state, it seems the state has plenty of people with lots of time on their hands. Lots of time.


Shortly after he became the state speaker of the House, Rep. Lance Cargill, R-Harrah, set forth an initiative to collect the best ideas from around the state and unite them in one nice, fat book for the Legislature to ponder over. The speaker called it the 100 Ideas campaign. The objective is to take all these ideas that Oklahomans have submitted, sort through them, pull out the ridiculous ones (we suspect CFN intern Bucky's idea to turn the governor's mansion into a karaoke club will be one of those tossed), and put together the best 100 ideas to move our state forward.


The deadline to submit ideas was Nov. 16, Statehood Day.


Here are some of the "ideas" as described by The Associated Press:

Make it illegal for public officials to lie. For those liars who are exposed, they would lose their job. Wow, talk about causing a jump in the turnover rate. Impose a fine for everyone who does not vote. If that were the case, that could be the state's biggest revenue-generating industry. Seems odd the best way to improve the state budget could be by staying home on Election Day. This submitter also proposes that for anyone who hasn't voted in three years, bye-bye citizenship. It's hard to find an idea that improves the economy while reducing population at the same time.


However, the best idea CFN has come across was submitted back in September. Here is how one Oklahoman would improve state tourism: make Oklahoma an all-nude state.


"This will attract tourists, save money otherwise spent on clothing and decrease obesity," went the argument, as the idea-offerer put it at the site.


Can't see an argument against that. Bucky is already skinny dipping at Lake Thunderbird.


All-nude state! Gonna treat you great!


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