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Oklahomans reportedly receive energy from Russian drink



According to a story from's "INsite Team," some Oklahomans are getting energized from a mysterious drink tied to Russia. Labeled "Tunguska Blast," the beverage is being credited for helping one man lose 35 pounds and quit smoking.

"I personally take 2 ounces in the morning and 2 ounces in the evening and I have never felt so good. I just feel good," another consumer, Darlene King, told the Oklahoma City news station.

King also happens to be a distributor for the drink.

The key to "Tunguska Blast" is the exact location from which its ingredients come.

The story reported that 100 years ago, an explosion took place in the sky above the Tunguska River Valley in Siberia, wiping out the plant and tree life on the ground.

"They don't know exactly what it was, whether it was a meteorite, earthquake," said Jim Smith, the slimmed-down, recovering smoker. "It leveled 850 acres, all the trees. Made a wasteland out of it."

As the area undertook a rebirth, the plants and trees grew back at an enormous rate, according to Smith, quoting Russian studies on the area. Reading through the online story, Smith is just a guy who drank a magical potion and no longer needs cigarettes.

"The trees and the plants grew back four times as fast, four times bigger, and four times as potent," Smith said. "They found that 10 of the 12 adaptogens that there (are) in the world grew in that area, and grew stronger than any place else."

So, according to this story, some Okies started gulping a Russian drink made of unknown origins from an unknown cosmic blast and began to "feel good."

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