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Oklahoma's Carrie Underwood experiences hair-raising press



Checotah's Carrie Underwood scored yet another Grammy award in February, but her new 'do isn't exactly having fans singing her praises.

The "American Idol" season four winner returned to the show March 18 to sing a duet with Randy Travis. That guy looked the same he has for years, but the usually long-haired Underwood sported far shorter locks that "¦ well, let's check in with what the bloggers had to say:

"When Carrie Underwood made an appearance on 'American Idol' last night, it seemed as though she'd stepped out of a time machine that had aged her 30 years. "¦ Underwood sang beautifully though viewers may have been distracted by her new 44-year-old soccer mom look. What happened to our hot, young country star? "¦ In conclusion: Carrie Underwood got a bad haircut." "

"There was a little too much poof and way too much hairspray. In some shots she looked like a Can-Can dancer and in others she looked a country singer circa 1989." "

"It was just a fake Grandma haircut created by pinning her hair up. Phew. I shall rest easy tonight, secure that all is safe in the world." "

Our thoughts exactly.

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