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Oklahoma's congresswoman listed among Capitol Hill's most beautiful



No longer languishing in Oklahoma's backwater dating scene, U.S. Rep. Mary Fallin, R-Oklahoma City, finally is getting a chance to let her hair down, according to a Washington, D.C., insider publication.


According to the July 24 issue of "The Hill," Fallin, 52, is listed as one of the "50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill."


The publication noted that Fallin, in her 20s, appeared as an extra in a movie with Molly Ringwald.


"The stylish blonde, with bangs and blue eyes, is still a knockout," notes the publication. "A longtime public servant for Oklahoma, Fallin isn't sure of her best feature, but said she tries to be put-together " even though she enjoys wearing her 'grubbies' from time to time."


The Hill noted that Fallin lifts weights, jogs on a treadmill and goes to the gym to keep herself smashing, dahling.


"I'm 5-foot-6, but I'm not going to tell you my weight," Fallin said, giggling, according to the publication. "I've been complimented on the way I dress. I try to look nice (and) have my hair done."


With her dating stock on the rise, and a tableau of D.C. power brokers from which to choose, what does the comely Ms. Fallin look for in a would-be sweetie?


"I look at a person's heart. Their character," Fallin told The Hill. "(I like) honesty, kindness, compassion, generosity and, of course, it's nice when they're attractive, too."


Thrifty, kind and reverent won't hurt, either. Alas, Mary. Listen to us at Chicken-Fried News. Those flashy big-city types just want to keep you as a trophy. To those you left behind, you'll always be our girl next door.

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