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Oklahoma's state capitol confusion creates collector's item



People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks, but here at Chicken-Fried News we like to pitch irony. In the height of centennial celebrations, a Tulsa woman bought a postcard that suggests we've all been taught the wrong version of Oklahoma history.


Forget Oklahoma City " or even Guthrie "Yvonna Coulter discovered her own city is the state "capitol," according to the postcard she purchased in a suburban Tulsa Wal-Mart. She intended the piece for a centennial scrapbook. 


"When I saw it," she told The Associated Press, "I did kind of a double-take. "¦ And I got to thinking, 'This might be a collector's item someday,' so I went back and bought several more."


Aha. CFN intern Bucky now knows why some people think Oklahomans drive to work in covered wagons. A postcard with said information must be floating around in, say, Washington, D.C. " i.e., the Washington state capital.


An Arizona company produced the card, which did name the state tree, bird and animal correctly (but unfortunately left off the state soil). According to the company's Web site, it also produces fine souvenirs, calendars, books, Christmas cards, place mats, magnets (breathe!), key chains, mugs and specialty items (think holiday moose figurines).


Coulter sent one of the cards to Gov. Brad Henry's office, which only replied that the T-town info was incorrect, according to the story. Ah, fizzle. Some Tulsans might wish otherwise. But Mark Thomas, Oklahoma Press Association senior vice prez, said such typos are inevitable "anytime you put ink to paper."


"Sooner or later, it happens to everybody," he said.


Yeah, we're not holding a grudge. Bucky thinks the capital of Arizona is Little Rock.

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