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Oklahoma's The Flaming Lips produce provocative music video



To steal a title from one of The Flaming Lips' albums, "Oh My Gawd!!!"

For the song "Watching the Planets," Oklahoma's own Lips have made quite an eye-catching, eyebrow-raising music video. It's one of those clips that would be banned from MTV, if MTV still played music. Those easily offended by full-frontal nudity and spherical lady parts would do well to avoid it.

For the curious, however, the six-minute clip begins with males and females riding bikes through the forest, wearing only their birthday suits. Lips leader Wayne Coyne is shown somewhere nearby, walking in his trademark plastic bubble. He stops only when he encounters a bubble as big as his " only this one is covered in hair and has a vaginal opening, out of which more naked people pour, in an image reminiscent of the cover of "Embryonic," the new Lips album on which "Planets" finds a home.

The frolicking nudes surround Coyne and flatten their fleshiness up against his bubble, which reminds us of the "Catholic High School Girls in Trouble" scene from "Kentucky Fried Movie." They lift the bubble up, carry him further into the forest, set him down, pop the bubble and strip Coyne of his clothes. And, yes " how to put this subtly? " you see his penis.

According to Spin magazine, the video was shot in Portland, Ore., with Coyne and George Salisbury, the guy behind "Christmas on Mars." The mag describes the nude supporting cast as "googly-eyed, peyote-fueled Burning Man attendees" with "a lot of jiggling junk." We haven't seen this much sausage since we attended a pancake breakfast at Olivet Baptist Church. 

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