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Oklahoma's weapon of mass-media destruction celebrates first anniversary



On Tuesday, an Oklahoma City Web site hit a few thousand times each day celebrates its first anniversary. Unlike other well-traveled Web destinations, it does not provide a useful service or product, like e-mail and MP3s. It does, however, regularly feature a photograph of purportedly a popular local anchorwoman in a pink bikini.

The Internet hot spot in question is The Lost Ogle, found at, which, according to its mission statement, offers "'rants' and 'morning news styled opinions' on a variety of topics concerning Oklahoma City and the rest of the world." "It's a daunting task," the statement continues. "In fact, it's a task so daunting that only an Ogle brother could do it. That's why we're And that's our two cents."

News personalities Kelly, Kevin and Kent Ogle don't actually have another brother taking potshots at his siblings; the site is run by three unrelated, not-chiseled-enough-for-television average Joes who " as online " wish to keep their true identities secret and go by the names of Clark, Patrick and Tony.

"The truth is," said Tony, "it'd be pretty boring if people found out who we are. None of us holds any high-powered position."

One works in marketing, another as an accountant, while the third remains in college; together, they combine forces to produce a daily deflation of the tires among local media, with wit, satire and recklessness.

For them, nothing " this publication included " is sacred.

Evidently someone appreciates the joke, because according to Patrick, by the end of April, the site passed the quarter-million mark in terms of all-time total visits, 154,000 of them from within the state. Statistics also show more than 111,000 unique visitors have spent time perusing the site's pages in this infant year. "Rod Lott

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