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Oldboy: Ultimate Collector's Edition




Chan-wook Park's "Oldboy" is brutally compelling cinema. The weak of stomach need not apply "? between consumption of live octopi and dentistry via hammer, it's a film that gleefully traffics in extreme imagery. A blend of swooning romance, grisly violence and blood-soaked revenge, it's also a film with a killer conceit (a man is locked up without explanation for 15 years, only to be released and given five days to find his captor) and an unbelievably weak finish; the denouement is meant to elicit awe, but confusion and disbelief are more likely.
Already available on a perfectly serviceable single-disc release, Tartan has nevertheless offered up this lavish, three-disc set that stuffs every last scrap of  behind-the-scenes footage "? most impressively in a 212-minute video diary titled "The Autobiography of 'Oldboy'" "? commentaries, interviews, featurettes, a film cell from the theatrical print and a copy of the "Oldboy" manga into a handsome metal tin that looks suspiciously similar to HBO's "Band of Brothers" set. For those without "Oldboy" in their collections, look no further; if you're pondering a double-dip, take stock of your fanaticism about Park's stylish psycho-thriller.  

"?Preston Jones


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