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This is just sad. An Oklahoma City man was charged last week with impersonating an FBI agent. And not just once, either, but on several occasions.

We here at CFN agree that the FBI is super-cool and everything (and Bucky still insists on donning a red wig and sensible shoes every Halloween to play Special Agent Dana Scully), but maybe this 34-year-old should have just stuck with watching reruns of "The X-Files."

According to KWTV, Justin Mathew appeared in federal court in OKC Sept. 16 (and not to testify against the Cigarette-Smoking Man) because he's accused of playing FBI at least four times between 2009 and 2010. Last August, prosecutors say he waltzed into two OKC businesses, "flashing a badge," according to KWTV, and grilled managers about drug trafficking and prostitution.

That same month, Mathew was pulled over and again claimed he was with the FBI. When the cop searched his car, he found two photo ID cards and FBI-branded gear.

Then just this month, Mathew showed up at a Moore marriage ceremony saying he was "an FBI agent there to arrest someone attending the wedding," according to KWTV.

We hate to kick a poor guy while he's down, but seriously, someone might need a new hobby. Maybe playing "World of Warcraft" or something. That'd still be a step up from gallivanting around OKC playing G-man.

If Mathew is convicted, he faces up to three years in the slammer.

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