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Oh, GQ magazine, it's uninformed articles like one in your new November issue that make us glad we got our subscription not through money, but via Coke Rewards points.

In the issue " the one with the supposed pervy "Glee" photos " Bethlehem Shoals contributes a piece on the Oklahoma City Thunder titled "Congrats! You've Been Traded to Beautiful Downtown Oklahoma City!"

In his (yes, his, despite the Christmas-y name) first sentence, the author calls OKC not only "the Dust Bowl," but "a no-buzz town." But the article isn't all about deriding a city he likely has never visited, but to answer the question, "What the hell can rich young athletes do there for fun?"

Apparently using his Google machine instead of, y'know, visiting or at least picking up the phone and calling, Shoals came up with five options: Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse, Charlie's Jazz-Rhythm & Blues, National Softball Hall of Fame, Quail Springs Mall and Red Dog Saloon.

Not to slight any of those fine venues, but let's slight Shoals: Aren't you tired of these snarky national stories playing on stereotypical, coastal-snobbery views of Oklahoma City? Does the media print similar material about the Indiana Pacers climbing skyscrapers or the Sacramento Kings dancing on South Beach?

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