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The Feb. 1 snowstorm presented perilous challenges and dangerous conditions for Oklahoma City residents, as ice- and snow-covered roadways made getting around almost impossible.

Public safety being the city’s No. 1 concern, they decided to bring in the big guns to “make it so”: Capt. Patrick Stewart.

For those who may have had a social life in high school, the actor Patrick Stewart is best known for his role as Capt. Jean-Luc Picard who commanded the USS Enterprise in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and now is a pop-culture representation of wise, competent leadership.

So, when Oklahoma City Police Capt. Patrick Stewart took to the airwaves to update viewers on the Oklahoma City ice storm, many did a double take at what they were seeing.

That was no simulated image from the Holodeck. Police Capt. Stewart bears an uncanny resemblance to the actor Patrick Stewart — down to the bald head.

An image of Capt. Stewart, complete with a news station caption of “Capt. Patrick
Stewart” soon began making rounds on, to the tittering joy of
Trekkies everywhere. In the image, posters pointed out, a man standing
behind Stewart also resembles Data, the android on “Star Trek TNG.”

said he learned of the image, which has more than 300,000 hits, when a
fellow employee’s cousin in New York e-mailed a link.

think it’s neat,” Stewart said. “I get a lot of those comments when I
cash a check or use my debit card. It’s amazing how many Star Trek fans
there are out there, or just fans of the actor Patrick Stewart.”

birthdays are one day apart, although they were born in different
years. If both entered a wormhole, they could synch it up and Whoopi
could serve the birthday boys drinks at the Ten Forward bar.

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