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Romy Owens’ “Down in the Basement …” won’t make her rich.

Measuring 4 feet tall by 54 feet long, comprised of paper and photos diligently hand-sewn, the massive piece is a perfect fit for Individual Artist of Oklahoma’s annual “EdgeArtNow.”

“I really wanted to challenge myself to do something extraordinary, and I think I achieved that,” Owens said. “It took me 60 12-hour days.”

Her ambition exemplifies the exhibition’s spirit, said Clint Stone, IAO director.

“‘EdgeArtNow’ is about furthering the movement of art into digital and new media ... to push the boundaries of what the viewer is used to seeing,” Stone said.

Thirty-two works by 19 artists will be displayed in “EdgeArtNow,” which began 20 years ago. It was focused on collage, three-dimensional work and mixed media, said William Struby of IAO’s Visual Arts Committee.

“Then it started to get to the point where ... they wanted to find artists working with installations, which is rare in Oklahoma,” Struby said. “You see it in universities, but not much outside that.”

Stone said that it is critical to give creatives such an outlet to aid them in moving the art world forward.

“Art is a form of communication, and it needs to change,” Stone said, “so it can address new topics, start new conversations. As humans change, they will also change what we are creating and how we create it.”

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